Argioupolis The traditional village of Argiroupolis is build right next to the ancient Lappa. In the village you can find some accommodations housed in the old buildings in the town. The taverns of the village are well known for the traditional Cretan foods and milk products of the area. Argioupolis

At the lower part of the village there are the famous water springs of Argiroupolis, the source of the drinking water for the entire area. Because of the plentiful water supply the village is surrounded by beautiful green nature.


During the Roman times, Lappa was an important city. It held control over the land from the north to the south coast. Present day Loutro, on the south coast of Crete, used to be one of the two harbours of Lappa. Loutro was called Finix during Roman times and some coins have been found with an image of Poseidon. Although Lappa was destroyed around 830 AD by the Arabs, you can still find many stone buildings and churches in the Village right next to a bit more recent Venetian constructions.

Right next to the watersprings in Argiroupolis there are many nice restaurants where you can eat right next to the gentle flow of water.

Argioupolis Argioupolis